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Ablaze is a comprehensive realtime VFX training program in the Unreal engine 5 that takes you from beginner to pro, ready to enter the industry.

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00:00 Intro
01:05 Meet Nicolas
02:09 What’s Ablaze all about
03:15 Course’s content
04:09 Course’s structure
04:32 Chapter 01 : Introduction
04:53 Chapter 02 : Particle Sytems
05:18 Chapter 03 : Shaders
05:43 Chapter 04 : 3D Modeling
05:59 Chapter 05 : Artistic Principles
06:26 Intitial release and bonus content listing
06:42 Chapter 06 : Water Shader
07:02 Chapter 07 : Lightning Projectile
07:20 Chapter 08 : Flamethrower
07:30 Chapter 09 : Portfolio tips and more
07:57 Thanks

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