Michael Soluyanov writes: Hi! I made a test of 8 render farms. Test includes render speed of 3 different scenes, upload/download speed and price. Timecodes: 1:24 RenderStreet 2:49 GarageFarm.NET 3:57 Raysrender 6:02 Blendergrid 7:18 Polargrid 8:06 Anima render 9:07 F1 10:22 TurboRender 10:46 Results Testing scenes: Тест 1  (change frame size to 100%) Тест 2. […]

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One thought on “8 Blender Render Farms Compared

  1. You have superbly compared all the render farms, thank you very much it is very helpful overall, and especially the pros and cons of every render farm. thankyou once again and keep it up


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