SGT SARA Walkthrough
From the Unreal Marketplace:

Comes with a 2 outfits, “undercover” and “Tactical.” 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 hair style, sunglasses, holsters and 1911 pistol. Built on the modular Female-A body type so you can mix and match the clothing and hair. Clothing, hair and face are also cross compatible with any characters made on the Female-A body type.

Comes with 89 premade materials with many adjustments, so you can change how your character looks. Different clothing, hair or eye colors and different skin tones.

Supports lip syncing with Apple Ark Kit Live Link Face and VRchat, which uses the Occulus viseme method. Also comes with an additional 65 custom expressions.

The Female-A body uses the Epic Skeleton with extra head/hand sockets, chest bones and face bones. This body has stylized proportions. To get the best look, retargeting is recommended.

For flexibility and expandability, there are extra body meshes such as a whole body, or hands and feet removed. There are also morph targets for a smaller breast size, thicker thighs, and reduced body to fit under clothing.

Demo level included. All demo files are for example only and not supported. Install the Kawaii Physics plugin to see the hair movement, or see demo level video. Demo is made with UE 5.1.

Kawaii Physics free plugin


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