In a previous video ( I demonstrated how to use an add on designed to simply the use of Action Constraints. This character was shown as part of the demonstration. This video is a real time recording of how I made this character, using #blender #greasepencil.

This video is not for the faint of heart, but hopefully, you can learn something about my workflow.

00:00:00 Sketch
00:09:00 Drawing
01:05:30 Style Testing
01:13:15 Deformation Rig
01:22:37 Weight Paint
02:03:56 Torso Rig
02:11:13 Arm Rig
02:20:36 Head Rig
02:22:11 Hair Rig
02:28:49 Adjust Torso Rig
02:31:56 Back to Hair
02:36:37 Face Rig
02:41:07 Arm Adjustment
02:44:39 Rig Testing
02:47:17 Ears
03:01:24 Custom Shapes
03:43:30 Bone Groups
03:45:12 Testing
03:54:07 Property Bones
04:07:17 Head Turn Animations
04:31:08 Head Turn Control
05:17:32 Blinking
05:36:02 Animation
06:26:11 Add Chin Control
06:39:23 Hair Control
07:06:39 Space Switching
07:15:43 More Animation
07:54:55 More Space Switching
08:09:52 Final Result

#animation #cutoutanimation #b2d #b3d


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