BSLIVE / Twig Dance Animation Using Grease Pencil
#GreasePencil #dance #twig

In this episode of Blender Sushi LIVE, I am going through the process of turning twig poses into a stick figure animation in Blender using “Grease Pencil” tool.

The TWIG poses is from this link:

? Someone collected these and turned it into a piece called Nature Dancing. Any help with credit would be appreciated. Ripped from fb from NatureIsFuckingLit

It should cover some of the basic terminology, even though I might not explain them:
– keyframe
– onion skins
– interpolation
– extrapolate = overshoot
– timing
– spacing
– dynamic posing

Animation can take a while to create but the part that I love the most is actually getting the pose right and how one pose can lead to the next etc. Making flipbook stick figure animation should always be fun, eventhough it can be pretty tedious at time, it should be an enjoyable process.

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