#b3d / #boxcutter 707 : More Box More Cutter
Boxcutter 707 is out as you read this. With the update comes many fixes and a few behavioral changes.

Shoutout to NickSho Ito for the intro. He’s the best.
Also shoutout to Chipp W and his new Eevee glass course.
https://gumroad.com/l/cwGlass – Go git it.


Anyways Boxcutter 707 is out as of this video and with it a few improvements and behavioral adjustments. It was important to spend a moment making sure the boxcut workflow was at its most efficent and analyze what we wanted to do going forward.

Also mirroring has changed. Use modifier instead of bisect and you’ll live longer. I hope to show over the course of the video how different it is and how incorrect I was using it previously.

Additional behavior options added

– auto tthick cutter added
– slice apply toggle w/ shift dynamic behavior
– quad view support
– active cutter workflow added
bugfixes with lazercut.

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