Blender 2.8 Python : Draw Shapes in 3D View
Here is a new Blender 2.8 video in which I paint into the 3D view using a Python addon and the modules GPU, Blf and Bgl.

I registered 2 draw handlers, one for adding text to the view (2d, POST_PIXEL) and another one for 3d (POST_VIEW).

I draw lines along vertices that I add when I click in the view with the left mouse button and then I use this shape to create a plane from this, a mesh, that you can extrude afterwards.

My previous #Blender addon tutorial can be found here:

I will integrate this functionality into my hardsurface fast carve addon, that can be downloaded here for free, also for Blender 2.8:

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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