Hey YouTube!

Just letting you know that I’m getting my channel stood back up and have plans for the future!

If you don’t remember me, or have never met me before, I’m Warren Marshall. I’ve been doing professional game development for a few decades now and I’m sort of semi-retired now. That gives me the free time I need to revive my YouTube channel and start sharing the things I know.

We’ll be covering a wide array of topics going forward. We’ll be making game art, of course, but also digging into other topics like game development, programming, app creation, stoicism and anything else that seems interesting.

Hell, we might even do a game jam or two on the channel. Who knows?!

Using tools like Blender, Substance Painter, Godot, CLion, GoLand and a whole bunch of others we’ll be doing lots of fun projects together in the near future.

So check out the channel if any of that sounds interesting to you.


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