BSLIVE Special / Using Google Earth Studio with Blender 3D
I got invited to test out Google Earth Studio webtool earlier today.

This tool from Google allows you to quickly make a camera flythrough footage of our beautiful planet earth with easy to use 3D and after-effects-like timeline GUI in Chrome.

Apart from being able to have a “National Geographic style” renders, we can apparently also export the JSX script containing informations of the camera position and rotation.

So in this episode, I am showing you a couple of ways you can blend the data inside Blender 3D:
– To make a video clip using Blender VSE / Video Sequence Editor
– To process the camera position data from JSX script using Sverchok Nodes to quickly make a visualization of flight path as curve that you can render

I am only scratching the surface of what you can do with Google Earth Studio. Maybe you can try making a realistic footage combining your 3D character and this Google Earth footage.

If you want to see what Superman or Goku (Dragon Ball) point of view, this tools allow you to do so.



PLANET EARTH 3D MODEL by Rodrigoscar from Sketcfab


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