#b3d / #boxcutter 706 : More Than Just A Box

Boxcutter 706 is out as of this recording (12/12/2018)
Hard Ops 00974 was updated yesterday (12/11/2018)

Boxcutter https://gumroad.com/l/BoxCutter
has received the following improvements.

– Show wire toggle removed (use blender’s for now)
– Tthick Added
– Make Box added
– 3d Make Circle added
– Initial Offset parameter added
– Shift repeat shape support
– Lazercut has a sensitivity limit allowing for extrude back to lazercut
– Make active added for shift shape creation workflows
-Auto center draw circle
– Tweak threshold parameter from preferences added for repeat shape
– F to flip

We have more planned and cannot wait to finally get to our beloved ngon and bring it back stronger than ever.

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