Ultimate Guide to Clean Scenes in Maya
In this video tutorial, we cover how to clean up your scene, in order to make it ready for a pipeline.

Comet Rename

– Freeze transformation.
– Check for flipped normals.
– Center pivot on all objects.
– Asset at origin of the grid
– It it facing the front view?
– Name everything
– Clean Outliner
– Cleanup of the mode: check for ngons, tries, non manifold geometry, etc
– Delete display layers
– Delete History
– The render stats are all set to active
– Check your scale
– Disable smoothing (3)
– Make sure that the model is symmetrical. Is the center line going through the model COMPLETELY centered in the X-axis?
– Delete selection sets
– Make sure that the front, side, top, persp cameras are hidden
– No UVs outside of the UV space

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