The Church of St Bartholomew Corsham Wiltshire
The main parish Church of St Bartholomew, which stands between the High Street and Corsham Court, is partly built on Saxon foundations. The present church has 12th-century origins but underwent major Victorian restoration in 1875-8 by G.E. Street.
Pevsner writes: “A large church with a commanding S tower with spire. It looks as if it were all built for the great house and the estate in the days of Victorian prosperity. In fact Street only restored an old church, but he did it unfortunately thoroughly, and he added the tower.”
Street’s tower replaced an earlier central tower. Around the same time the chancel was restored by C.F. Hansom, who also added a north chapel for the Methuen family. The north aisle remains from the early 14th century, and the south aisle from later in that century; the nave has Norman arcades and a 15th-century roof. In 1960 the church was designated as Grade I listed.
In the north chancel chapel, the large altar tomb of 15th-century landowner Thomas Tropenell is shared with his first wife, Agnes.
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