In this presentation we’ll gloss over a bunch of commercials and music videos I used Blender on as a part of the pipeline, I’ll share my approach, and then we’ll look at some projects where Blender was the core of the process.
The first of the bunch is ‘Spare One’ from 2018, a spot that won bunch of awards, most notably a Clio statuette. I’ll show the breakdown and share a couple of stories from making it.

The next stop is a recent Honda spot, nothing super fancy about it, but Blender was the cornerstone of it.

After that we’ll go back a few years to a commercial for a Twitch streamer, which generated an overwhelming audience reaction, which inspired me to begin developing ‘Nous’ episodic.

The last project on the list is the teaser trailer for ‘Nous’, circling back to my pipeline approach.


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