Daily Dose of Blender Day 36 Part 1. In this one we will take a look at animating a bunch of creatures along a path. Part 2 is up as well!. Follow for more daily tips and go to Blendermania3d.com for more. #blender #3d #tutorial #blender3d #shorts

https://www.blendermania3d.com/ for the official Blendermania community.

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If you ever need help with Blender 3D just post at Blendermania3d.com or send me a message!

Join in a LIVE Blender challenge every Saturday at 12 noon PST. You can watch or partake: https://www.blendermania3d.com/t/hour-of-power-rules-guidelines/3014

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#3d #blender #tutorial #blender3d #animation #nodes


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