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This is a Blender tutorial for complete beginners. In this series you’ll learn Blender’s core functionality and features while making your very own donut. To start, this video will teach you the interface, basic navigation, some hotkeys while making your very first render.

=== LINKS 🔗===

Download Blender:

Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet: />
Industry Compatible Cheat Sheet (not mine, used with permission): />
Blender Guru Discord:

My VFX Artists React episode: />
BBC segment on the VFX of Everything Everywhere All At Once: />
Agent 327: />(CC) Blender Foundation |

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=== CHAPTER MARKS ✂️ ===
0:00 Intro
1:10 Download and Installation
2:15 Interface
2:35 Adding objects
3:37 Navigation
5:09 Render Mode
5:56 Panning
6:33 Moving objects
9:26 The cheat sheet
10:12 Making a render
11:01 Moving the camera
12:42 Changing the material
14:18 Adding a cone
15:16 Scale
16:55 Rotation

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