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Let’s make that icing🍩
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In this video you’ll create the donut icing by adding thickness, using proportional editing and extruding.

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===Chapter Marks ✂️===
0:00 Duplicating an object
1:55 Naming objects
2:27 Deleting the bottom half of the mesh
5:06 The solidify modifier
6:29 Hiding a modifier from edit mode
6:56 Snap to Face
8:28 Snap to Face Project
8:46 Applying the subsurf modifier
10:30 Fixing backface projection
11:51 Select More/Less
12:26 Hiding/Unhiding
13:05 Making the edge wavy
15:25 Rounding the edge
16:19 Making the inner edge hug the donut
17:21 Extrusion

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