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Learn ALL Shader Nodes & ALL Compositing Nodes In Blender!

Have you ever wanted to be able to make your own materials from scratch or composite your renders so they stand out but were always overwhelmed by nodes? Well no problem!In this course we will learn every single node and ALL of their options. Not only will we learn what each node does but how to use it practically for materials or compositing.

What is covered in this course

In this course we will cover ALL shader nodes and ALLcompositing nodes. If you are not familiar with nodes at all, no worries as we will cover everything from the beginning! This course is best done in order as each video builds on the last but if you want to learn a particular node for a project you are working on you can just search for a node as we go over one node per video and each node can be learned independently from other videos! With every node that we learn, we will use it in a practical way to create a material or composition!

All Shader Nodes

ALL Input Nodes: Ambient Occlusion Node – Attribute Node – Bevel Node – Camera Data Node – Fresnel Node – Geometry Node – Curves Info Node – Layer Weight Node – Light Path Node – Object Info Node – Particle Info Node – Point Info Node – RGB Node – Tangent Node – Texture Coordinate Node – UVMap Node – Value Node – Color Attribute Node – Volume Info Node – Wireframe Node

ALL Output Nodes: AOV Output Node – Material Output Node

ALL Shader Nodes: Add Shader Node – Anisotropic BSDF Node – Diffuse BSDF Node – Emission Node – Glass BSDF Node – Glossy BSDF Node – Hair BSDF Node – Holdout Node – Mix Shader Node – Principled BSDF Node – Principled Hair BSDF Node – Principled Volume Node – Refraction BSDF Node – Specular BSDF Node – Subsurface Scattering Node – Toon BSDF Node – Translucent BSDF Node – Transparent BSDF Node – Velvet BSDF Node – Volume Absorption BSDF Node – Volume Scatter Node

ALL Texture Nodes: Brick Texture Node – Checker Texture Node – Gradient Texture Node – IES Texture Node – Image Texture Node – Magic Texture Node – Musgrave Texture Node – Noise Texture Node – Point Density Node – Voronoi Texture Node – Wave Texture Node – White Nose Texture Node

ALLColor Nodes: Bright/Contrast Node – Gamma Node – Hue Saturation Value Node – Invert Node – Light Falloff Node – Mix Node – RGB Curves Node

ALL Vector Nodes: Bump Node – Displacement Node – Mapping Node – Normal Node – Normal Map Node – Vector Curves Node – Vector Displacement Node – Vector Rotate Node – Vector Transform Node

ALLConverter Nodes: Blackbody Node – Clamp Node – Color Ramp Node – Combine Color Node – Combine XYZ Node – Float Curve Node – Map Range Node – Math Node – RGBto BW Node – Separate Color Node – Separate XYZ Node – Shader to RGB Node – Vector Math Node – Wavelength Node

ALL Group Nodes: Make Group – Ungroup – Group Input Node – Group Output Node

ALL Compositing Nodes

ALLInput Nodes: Bokeh Image Node – Image Node – Mask Node – Movie Clip Node – Render Layers Node – RGB Node – Scene Time Node – Texture Node – Time Curve Node – Track Position Node – Value Node

ALLOut Nodes: Composite Node – File Output Node – Levels Node – Split Viewer Node – Viewer Node

ALL Color Nodes: Alpha Over Node – Brightness/Contrast Node – Color Balance Node – Color Correction Node – Exposure Node – Gamma Node – Hue Correct Node – Hue Saturation Value Node – Invert Node – Mix Node – Posterize Node – RGB Curves Node – Tone Map Node – Z Combine Node

ALL Converter Nodes: Alpha Convert Node – Color Space Node – Color Ramp Node -Combine Color Node – Combine XYZ Node – ID Mask Node – Math Node – RGBto BW Node – Separate Color Node – Separate XYZ Node – Set Alpha Node – Switch View Node

ALL Filter Nodes: Anti-Aliasing Node – Bilateral Blur Node – Blur Node – Bokeh Blur Node – Defocus Node – Denoise Node – Despeckle Node – Dilate/Erode Node – Directional Blur Node – Filter Node – Glare Node – Inpaint Node – Pixelate Node – Sun Beams Node – Vector Blur Node

ALL Vector Nodes: Map Range Node – Map Value Node – Normal Node – Normalize Node – Vector Curves Node

ALL Matte Nodes: Box Mask Node – Channel Key Node – Chroma Key Node – Color Key Node – Color Spill Node – Cryptomatte Node – Difference Key Node – Distance Key Node – Double Dge Mask Node – Ellipse Mask Node – Keying Node – Keying Screen Node – Luminance Key Node

ALL Distort Nodes: Corner Pin Node – Crop Node – Displace Node – Flip Node – Lens Distortion Node – Map UV Node – Movie Distortion Node – Plane Track Deform Node – Rotate Node – Scale Node – Stabilize Node – Transform Node – Translate Node

ALL Group & Layout Nodes & Options


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