The Elegoo Mars 2 pro has a little secret… That you really should know about and I’ll show you how to save yourself from your MSLA resin printer. Don’t get me wrong tho… This is a great resin printer it just has one little flaw that no one is shockingly talking about!

– – – USEFUL LINKS – – –
Pre-Cut Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Filters:
Pre-Cut Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Filters:
Mars 2 Pro Review:
Thoughts About Resing Printing:
Resin Workflow & Safty : (Coming Soon)

– – – LINKS TO AMAZON – – –
Activated Carbon Filter Block:
I Fix It Kit:
Metal Hack Saw Blades:
Silicone Matt:

Elegoo Mini Carbon Filters:
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro :
Elegoo Wash & Cure Sation:
Elegoo Resin : – So far I’ve had my best results with Elegoo grey.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – How The Elgoo Mars 2 Pro Is Slowly Killing You.
2:38 – Don’t Have The Time For The Rest Of The Video.
2:58 – Tools Of The Trade.
4:05 – Getting Inside The Beast.
5:50 – Cutting It All Up.
7:22 – Putting It All Together Again.


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