Support the future of Blender


* Music by @Thaehan


* Eevee: Add support for Nishita sky texture

* Storypencil: New Storyboard add-on

* GPencil: Rename Fill closure methods
* GPencil: Add more types of stroke extensions when filling
* GPencil: Hide the help Circles for gaps when gap is closed
* GPencil: Move Gap Closure option to separated subpanel
* GPencil: Remove Leak Size
* GPencil: Cut Extended lines in Fill tool when collide
* LineArt: Force intersection option.
* GPencil: Add frame number to Trace operator

* Geometry Nodes: Port the trim curve node to the new data-block
* Curves: Port Curve to Points node to the new data-block
* Geometry Nodes: New Face Set Boundaries node
* UI: Add Mix Node to color section of add node menu
* Fix: Make node position consistent when added through link drag search
* Fix: Prevent clipping of node drop shadow

* Optimization: Exit early when resizing material slots.
* Curves: Improve sculpting performance by reducing allocations
* Geometry Nodes: use stringref instead of string in logger
* ViewLayer: Lazy sync of scene data

* UV: rename “Pixel Snap Mode” to “Pixel Round Mode”

* NLA: draw track bg based on strip’s extrapolation type

* Make File Select dialog update operator’s file & path properties

* GHOST: support left/right OS-key
* WM: send a modifier press when activating a window with modifier held

* FBX: support new color attributes, and sRGB/Linear/None colors option
* glTF exporter: manage delta transform animation

* Fix T49814: Collada Import Ignores Vertex Normals
* Fix T101098: Moving meta strip can change its length
* Attributes: add color_srgb property to FloatColorAttributeValue and ByteColorAttributeValue

* Fix T100330: Remove Render Slot not working for first slot


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