This video is all about How to learn FreeCAD through the realthunder branch for 3D printing. This video is the first in a short series of videos to learn free CAD the way I wish I could of learn it. We will be covering a lot of quality of life settings that I wish I knew in the start and I’ll show you the basics from the user interface, sketching, constraints, extruding and holes. Whether you’re a complete beginner or switching from another software package, I really do hope you find this video useful.

End Result Model For Augmented Reality:

— Realthunder FreeCAD Version —

New Location to Download the 2021.07.17 Version of FreeCAD Realthunder branch is here:
(It’s Realthunder’s Google Drive, you can get to this same link by Clicking “Past Releases” in the github)

Realthunder github link:

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Why Normal FreeCAD is fundamentally broken:

FreeCAD Website:

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CAD Navigation :

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If you have any questions the best place to leave them are in the discord community.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro.
00:30 – What This Video Is All About.
02:00 – Installing Realthunders Branch FreeCAD & Useful Links.
03:11 – First Time Running & Preference Settings To Change.
08:38 – Thangs Sponsor Segment.
9:13 – Restarting freeCAD, Understanding Workbenches.
10:47 – Understanding FreeCAD & Files.
12:05 – FreeCAD UI, Panels & Toolbar.
13:28 – Creating A Part.
15:05 – Navigation.
17:25 – Understanding CAD Style Modeling.
20:38 – Creating A Sketch.
22:00 – Quick Overview Of Sketcher & Navigation.
23:06 – Quick Overview Of Sketcher, Constrains & Dimensions.
28: 43 – Extruding / Padding The Sketch.
29:38 – Understanding Operations & The Tree View.
30:06 – Direct Modeling Number Changing.
31:01 – Adding A Hole Creating Another Sketch.
32:46 – Pocketing The Sketch.
34:00 – Closing Notes.


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