This video shows how to make expressions with a rigged character. It covers making the expressions, pose library and corrective shapekeys. This tutorial uses blender 3.2

Files to follow along with the video:
1. Official TomCAT tutorial file (Patreon supporters): />
2. Mike Rig by Artell (free):

Autorig Pro – Excellent rigging addon for blender:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:35 Requirements
00:01:03 Addon
00:01:34 Example & pose library use
00:04:00 Start
00:06:05 Make eyebrow pose & save in library
00:07:47 Make pose icon
00:10:25 Make a smile pose
00:13:45 Make smile less creepy with shapekey
00:20:30 Make corrective shapekey draiver
00:30:28 Sad mouth
00:33:09 Angry mouth
00:37:19 ‘Ch’ shape
00:42:56 Eyebrows down
00:43:53 Eyebrows angry
00:44:52 Eyes closed
00:45:46 Eyes closed happy
00:46:38 Eyes surprised
00:46:51 Wink
00:47:16 Flip pose
00:47:39 Make a combined signature pose
00:49:02 What’s Next?

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