In this Blender Python Tutorial we will show you where to find Scripting / API Changes. As many of you may already know, Blender 3.0 has been released. With the new release there are (as expected) many changes, not only to the UI but also to Blender Python and Scripting. Some of these Changes will most likely will break your code or add-on that you are working on.

If you are scripting with python and find this is the case you can head over to the Release Notes for the Python API and see what has been changed. It is a simple way of finding what code you need to change to fix your broken Add-ons.

You can check out the Release Notes here:

Some of the changes may not apply to the code you are working on but if you find your code is broken I would certainly take a look at the “Breaking Changes” Section.

I hope you find this quick video helpful and as always thanks for watching!


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