In this quick video I wanted to answer one of the questions I get asked a lot, and that is “How do I install an Add-on?”..

I will be using Blender 3.0 though it should not matter since it’s the same for older versions of blender too.First we need an Add-on, if you want to download the VFX nodes Add-on be sure to check out the Blog page here:

With an Add-on Downloaded we can open up blender and head over to the Edit then Preferences. Within the Add-on section we can select the Install from File option. Select your add-on and install. Once installed we just need to activate it (by checking the check box) and we are done!. Make sure your settings save and you will no longer need to worry about that add-on again.

There is a bunch more content coming soon so be sure to check that out!. I hope you find this video helpful and thanks for watching!..


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