Realistic CG portraits demystified. 100% Blender. Now on pre-order on Blender Market (pre-order discount ends November 25th) ?

? HUMAN will be included in every CG Cookie citizen membership from November 23rd


“It’s time for every step of CG portraiture to be explained – so that any Blender user can understand it.”
~ Kent Trammell, Blender artist and the author of HUMAN


? What is HUMAN about?

Realistic hand-crafted CG portraiture is long overdue for demystification.

Sure, there are many Blender courses teaching a small part of the process…or summarizing everything in long, complex workflows that only experienced artists can understand.

HUMAN unpacks the full artistic journey from the default cube to a believable, photorealistic portrait of the human face. While at least an intermediate knowledge of Blender is ideal, Kent recorded the course with all Blender users in mind. Prerequisite courses are available on CG Cookie, or in the Blender Market course bundle.

HUMAN is the result of 2 years of Kent Trammell’s work, using his artistry, his 17+ years of experience with computer graphics, as well as his singular ability to make advanced concepts accessible to every skill level.

? What is included in HUMAN?

The total runtime is over 25 hours, organized in 5 chapters with multiple step-by-step lessons.
The course also includes all relevant .blend files as well as anAtomic – an interactive 3d model of the human face with anatomically correct labelling.

?HUMAN is made 100% with Blender
? No zbrush, no substance, no 3rd party plugins

HUMAN will become part of the CG Cookie Course Library on November 25th (available to all active members) or for standalone purchase on the Blender Market that same day.

If you’re interested in purchasing on the Blender Market, starting today through Nov 23rd we’re offering a pre-order discount.

We are real people! (OK, maybe some of us are cyborgs – we don’t ask.) CG Cookie is a small crew of Blender artists (including Kent Trammell) baking fresh videos for the Blender community.

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