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Blender 2.83.18 LTS
Blender 3.0 bcon2

OpenTimelineIO article

UV Editor: Grid and snapping improvements
UV: Pack to closest/active UDIM

UI: swap tool and regular header
Keymap: New preference to open folders on single click in file browser

Tracking: Sort motion tracking tracks by start and end frames

Asset Browser: Initial Asset Catalog UI
Asset Browser: Support dragging assets into catalogs
Asset Browser: Allow World assets to be drag/dropped onto the viewport
Assets: Expose option to reuse data-block data when appending

VSE: Add color tags to strips
VSE: Add ASC CDL color correction method

Geometry Nodes: String manipulation nodes
Geometry Nodes: Special string characters node
Geometry Nodes: String to Curves Node
Geometry Nodes: Random Value Node
Geometry Nodes: Fill instances separately in the curve fill node
Geometry Nodes: Curve tangent node
Geometry Nodes: Curve Sample Node
Geometry Nodes: Curve Parameter Node
Geometry Nodes: Curve Fillet Node
Geometry Nodes: Curve Subdivide Node with Fields
Geometry Nodes: Spline Length Input Node
Geometry Nodes: Expose Bezier handle positions as an attribute
Geometry Nodes: Add Rotate Euler Node
Geometry Nodes: Add side and fill segments to Cone/Cylinder nodes
Geometry Nodes: Switch Node Fields Update
Geometry Nodes: Mesh Point Cloud Conversion Nodes
Geometry Nodes: Attribute Statistic Node
Geometry Nodes: new Distribute Points on Faces node
Geometry Nodes: new Instance on Points node
Geometry Nodes: Initial socket visualization for fields.
Nodes: initial support for socket tooltips

Cycles: add HIP device support for AMD GPUs
Cycles: Only do denoising on the full-frame result.

Constraints: change default Stretch To rotation type to Swing.

FBX export / subdivision: Write proper boundary rule


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