In this video, learn how to use Blender’s camera tools to create a walkthrough animation in Blender. We’ll talk about everything from adding a camera to adding motion to exporting our animation!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:14 – Model Credit/Location
0:37 – Adding a camera
1:25 – Using the keyboard to activate a camera
1:35 – Locking your camera to your viewport view for easy navigation
2:00 – Using the Item settings to control camera transformation
2:45 – Adding camera movement with keyframes
3:45 – Aligning model with model axes for easier camera manipulation
4:25 – Keyframing location and rotation of camera
5:20 – Moving keyframes in the dope sheet to make animation longer
5:50 – Entering first person walk navigation mode for easier camera placement
7:35 – Adding keyframes automatically with auto keyframing
8:30 – Using animation curves to control camera movement
10:00 – Using interpolation to control camera movement transitions
10:41 – Linear interpolation camera movement type
10:51 – Constant interpolation camera movement type
12:10 – How to export a rendered animation in Blender
12:30 – Final settings – number of frames
12:55 – Final settings – video export settings
13:48 – Final result
14:12 – Other animation tutorials


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