Want to build simple, beautiful materials with the Principled shader in Blender? Look no further. In this video we’ll take a shoe model and create all sorts of different materials, teaching you along the way how to get the most out of the Principled shader.

This video covers topics like transparent materials, gummy materials, materials with subsurface scattering (SSS), procedural fabrics, rubbers, and more.

Aside from some of the more advanced topics at the start of this tutorial, we also cover the very basics of getting set up to create your own materials in a fun and easy to understand way.

Enjoy the video!

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:08 – Teaser/Lesson 1
00:01:59 – Object Setup
00:05:41 – Interface Setup
00:09:25 – Color
00:10:44 – Roughness
00:12:01 – Specular
00:13:09 – Metallic
00:15:31 – Sheen
00:16:32 – Clearcoat
00:19:18 – Lighting
00:33:31 – Bump
00:50:36 – Transmission
01:00:15 – Subsurface
01:06:08 – Eevee Considerations
01:08:39 – Procedural Gradient
01:13:34 – Procedural Speckle
01:17:58 – Procedural Camo
01:21:18 – Quick Image Unwrapping
01:24:51 – Basic UV Unwrapping
01:29:11 – Intermediate UV + Advanced Procedural
01:38:07 – Wrap Up + Part 2 Teaser

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