From a stick figure sketch to final render, I show you my process for translating an art idea into Blender. I also talk about my journey to becoming a better artist…including all the issues I run into along the way and how I get around them.

In the end, I go back to the artwork – after some time had passed – and give it a round of honest self-critique

? I created this artwork for the occasion of Blender Market’s spring sale in 2021. Because of that, I used quite a few assets and tools from Blender Market – you can find them all there (

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00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Block Out
01:07 – Posing the Character
02:35 – Concept and Inspiration
05:31 – Cleaning up the Character Scan
07:46 – Adding the Headphones
08:59 – Creating a Glow Shader
10:52 – Adding the Tiger
12:11 – Adding Clouds
13:16 – Adding the Castle
14:12 – Adding a Butterfly
14:45 – Adding Deer and a Skeleton
15:48 – Tweaking the Clouds
16:28 – Adding a Crown and Phone
18:17 – Adding a Rocket and Trail
19:40 – Adding Vegetation
20:16 – Fixing the Character Details
22:20 – Final Scene Tweaks
23:40 – Photoshop Editing
26:14 – Final Result & Thoughts
27:10 – What’s Coming Next

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