Part 7 of a series. Walks through making a fully modeled, rigged and textured character in Blender.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:18 Setup
00:02:32 Tweak Mesh
00:03:56 Start UV-ing
00:04:22 Cut wrist boundary
00:05:06 Cut inside of arm
00:06:06 Unwrap the arm
00:06:30 UV the hand
00:09:21 UV the feet
00:12:41 UV the ear
00:12:54 UV the head
00:15:18 UV the neck
00:16:21 UV the eye socket, nostril & inside mouth
00:17:36 UV the side of body
00:18:34 UV the inside of leg
00:19:13 UV the shoulder
00:20:28 Setup a UV map to see where to fix stretching and how to size islands
00:24:28 Unwrap the hand
00:29:35 Adjust spacing for unwrap
00:31:28 Unwrap the feet
00:32:50 Unwrap the ear & eye
00:34:45 Apply mirror modifier
00:35:24 Unwrap the front of the body
00:35:58 Fix stretching on chest
00:37:35 Straighten legs to fit body on map better
00:39:44 Reduce stretching
00:44:06 Unwrap the back of the body
00:48:30 Unwrap the face
00:54:11 Unwrap the rest
00:57:00 Fix mirrored UV’s
01:00:22 Fast layout UV islands
01:02:26 Slow layout UV islands
01:08:45 UV the eyes
01:11:19 Export UV map
01:13:04 Photoshop eye texture creation with UV map
01:16:47 2 methods to adjust the map. With photoshop and blender
01:18:53 UV the teeth and tongue
01:25:49 Closing

Free UV Map: />

Plugins Used:

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