Unity GDC Showcase 2021
Get an in-depth look at Unity features for game developers and behind-the-scenes creator stories like Oddworld: Soulstorm. We also share our tech roadmap, where the accent’s on quality, productivity, and performance.

00:00 Welcome to the Unity GDC Showcase 2021
03:49 Creator Story: Humankind
07:46 Product vision 2021: 2021.1, real and ready
11:11 Creator Story: Morbid Metal
14:24 Creator Story: Ferocious
17:00 Visual Scripting
19:30 Product vision 2021: Productivity in Unity
23:34 2D Games
26:38 Creator Story: Crash Bandicoot

30:02 Creator Story: Population One VR
31:55 Netcode
33:46 Creator Story: Due Process
35:45 Reach more platforms, faster
36:56 Creator Story: Subnautica: Below Zero

38:38 ArtEngine
39:35 Creator Story: Insomniac Games
42:31 Game Simulation: Test more, know more
45:11 Creator Story: Oddworld: Soulstorm

46:10 Unity for Humanity Grant Program, Winners and a Call for Submission
48:28 Thanks for joining us, check out these Made with Unity Mobile Games

Watch the full GDC Showcase playlist: https://on.unity.com/39bbFXh
Unleash your creativity with our game development solutions: https://on.unity.com/39dL0Jg
Learn more about Unity 2020 LTS and 2021.1 Tech Stream: https://on.unity.com/39gqaJo

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