How to build beautiful landscapes in Unity using Terrain Tools | Tutorial
In this video, we are going to walk you through Unity’s Terrain Tools to show you how you can easily create beautiful landscapes in your own projects!

Learn more about Unity’s Terrain Tools here!

Assets used in this video:
Terrain Tools Sample Assets –
Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox –
Grass Flowers Pack Free -
Yughues Free Ground Materials –
Free SpeedTrees Package — SpeedTree® –

00:00 Intro
00:41 Get Started with Terrain Tools (Setup)
01:07 Start Building a Terrain
02:27 Terrain Brushes and Shortcuts
03:00 Creating Details
03:31 Brush Mask Filters
03:50 Texturing
07:04 Adding Trees
09:35 Adding Grass
10:48 Adding Wind

Unity Version used 2020.1

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