The Journey: Ep.8 | Open Projects
The Open Projects journey continues! Join us to learn about the latest updates in “Chop Chop”, a small open-source game created jointly by Unity and the creator community. ??
Today we talk about the ins and outs of how we implemented the combat system, go over how Addressables help loading times, and we will also reveal some of the music for the game for the first time! (see timings below)

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In this episode: Ciro Continisio, Chema Damak, Amel Negra.

00:00 – Pre-stream
00:52 – Intro and explanation of Open Projects
14:04 – In previous episodes…
25:26 – Amel on the Combat system
59:57 – Q&A
01:09:00 – Beach location music ?
01:12:43 – Q&A
01:15:58 – Addressable Assets
02:10:09 – Q&A
02:16:58 – Forest location music ?
02:25:50 – Roadmap and next steps
02:37:55 – Stream ends, Glade location music ?


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