Unlock over a billion potential new users with UDP | Unite Now 2020
As a mobile game developer, you want your game to reach as many people as possible. The challenge lies in the time and resources it takes to share a game worldwide – and that’s where the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) comes in. Regardless of your team’s size, we make it easy to sell your game in alternative app stores everywhere.

00:00 – 00:54 Introduction and facts about app stores
00:55 – 03:46 Challenges with app store distribution
03:47 – 04:50 How the Unity Distribution Portal works
04:51 – 12:23 How to use UDP to distribute your game
12:24 – 12:59 How UDP helps developers
13:00 – 14:14 Stores available on UDP
14:15 – 16:18 Additional information

Steve Taylor, Product Head, UDP

💡 Learn more about the Unity Distribution Portal: https://on.unity.com/32KPDYg

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