BSLIVE Meditative 3D Modeling Using BoxCutter & GridModeler addon in Blender 3D
In this episode, I am once again demonstrating this “meditative 3D modeling” using BoxCutter and (Kushiro) GridModeler.

I am mostly babbling about GridModeler, so it’s like my first time giving a demo after a few days using the addon.

This type of modeling is really suitable for designing old school retro 3D model (video game catridge, console, casette, radio, etc) or maybe mecha robot. You will work around edge, grid, and everything you see can be made using boolean operations.

What makes BoxCutter and GridModeler special is the way they work in Object and Edit mode, how the interface goes around 3D mesh and create this very quick and interactive and fluid while making 3D models.

So you can be quite expressive when doing this, worrying less about “topology”. You can make cut anywhere and stack any object or boolean intersect, slice, cut as needed.

For quick UV, I am using DreamUV “Atlas” algorithm.





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