3D Sculpting Vanellope von Schweetz ?
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Hey, I’m Follygon and welcome to Sculptober 2020. No idea what sculptober is? Watch this! https://youtu.be/k-8yhjEqYfQ Or Find out more info at http://sculptober.com

Making someone sweet for day 24 of sculptober. The queen of sweets, Disney princess Vanellope von Schweetz! The total time on the sculpt was a little under 2 hours. Check back tomorrow for more sculptober!

Day 1: Pokemon Croconaw – https://youtu.be/vsuo-8AATho
Day 2: Disney’s Beast – https://youtu.be/SrM10zwmDXM
Day 3: Disney’s Snow White – https://youtu.be/IjGU8rq4cr4
Day 4: Cave Girl – https://youtu.be/lXTzN5z1gts
Day 5: Pokemon First Starters – https://youtu.be/NTWIxF9WQjU
Day 6: Maui – https://youtu.be/HIUxRHoBu4E
Day 7: French Bulldog – https://youtu.be/dhzYQN65n7E
Day 8: Disney’s Genie – https://youtu.be/Hk23KrtcUHM
Day 9: Legendary Bird Pokemon – https://youtu.be/w7ayOnk7M4M
Day 10: Pocahontas – https://youtu.be/1s_rFXzDSd4
Day 11: Alice – https://youtu.be/nSV8KXg2BM0
Day 12: Pumbaa – https://youtu.be/TKjCD3GhUuY
Day 13: Bride of Frankenstein – https://youtu.be/B4vdQUA0j00
Day 14: Princess Kida – https://youtu.be/3Dku_FZRmhU
Day 15: Afro Girl – https://youtu.be/M4YqMFob-ak
Day 16: John SIlver – https://youtu.be/vxv3qup-8Lk
Day 17: Horned Girl – https://youtu.be/wTrFOXFUJ_I
Day 18: Baseball Boi – https://youtu.be/JfF_MxRn23Y
Day 19: Magnemite – https://youtu.be/0UJ7kJE-IRs
Day 20: Storm – https://youtu.be/7qmsgtUwkMk
Day 21: Fresh – https://youtu.be/2EXoQamR__c
Day 22: Thorny Sword – https://youtu.be/wGU6Ri0sfs8
Day 23: Witch – https://youtu.be/ik5b9S1MjlY

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