#hardops 986X – Release Recap 1
In this video I use a maya theme with 2.83.7 to represent the initial 986.1 release. The grey layout represents the 2.91.0 alpha w/ 986.24. We currently support 2.83, 2.90 and 2.91.0 at this time. Over the course of 986 while resolving many issues, improvements were added and advancements were made. Over the course of this video lets go over how 986.1 is comparing up against its current counterpart 986.24. Consider this a release retrospective allowing users to see how hops has grown even in the form of 986. I am always excited for the future of what these tools will become and I hope users are able to get the most out the tools.

New to HardOps and curious on where to start?

Learn hardOps from top to bottom.
986X (Tutorial Playlist) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqpj14voWsVJPKSoH54MwJEI9SHIT9JS
Jump into the deep end and see what’s new and find out how hardOps has evolved.
In-Order (Playlist) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0RqAjByAphHoCDKWy6OU4BwB7hTi8lo_
Or the currated playlist of what is being done by myself and others in the community.
H9 Content – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0RqAjByAphEUuI2JDxIjjCQtfTRQlRh0
Tune into the cylinoid trilogy!

Boxcutter – https://boxcutter-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/getstarted/

Accessing previous orders.
Gumroad – https://gumroad.com/library
Blendermarket – https://www.blendermarket.com/account/orders

Blender from 0 – https://youtu.be/qcmCgfJgCqo
986 Installation – https://youtu.be/yvKSFpAFoBw

Support Channels

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

– Gumroad

– Blendermarket

– Artstation

Introduction 00:00
Herro 00:09
Dual Blenders 01:25
Selection To Boolean 02:12
To_Shape V2 05:58
Reset Axis 07:28
Uniquify 11:00
Bevel Boolean Helper 12:15
Sculpt Q Menu 21:04
CGBros 26:04
Align View 23:39
Keymap / Pref Popup 30:38
Select Multi Tool 32:00
Select Wire Display 35:20
Dice V2 42:11
Smooth Edit Mode 46:02
EM Macro Multi Directional 47:22
Blank Light Non Destructive 49:50
Smooth Modifier Swap 51:13
UV Display 52:55
Lattice Improvements 54:52
Subdivision First 57:03
New Circle 58:36
Array V2 01:00:12
Operator Draw Lock 01:02:01
Continuous Operator Draw 01:02:54
In Closing 01:04:06

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