BSLIVE From Grease Pencil to Skin Modifier to Sculpted 3D Model – Using Blender 3D
In this episode, I am sharing a my own very easy method to get you started when working on a 3D character or creature design in Blender.

Depending on your 3D skill in sculpting, you might find many other 3D sculpting methods, but I am here showing you the most basic and indie method that I like involving Grease Pencil doodles, Skin Modifier, a bit of bone reshaping, remeshing, maybe Ball Pen addon, and finally Sculpt and Vertex Coloring. This is the first rough steps only.

Personally, I tend to like a more stylized and cartoony, caricature characters, so I got lots inspiration from comic books, graphic novels, animes. Mind you, some anime characters (Akira, Gundam, etc) can go really complex details and complex too, especially with Mecha characters and hard surface 3D models and vehicles when it become 3D.

For now this method is great for doing basic organic creatures or characters, perhaps for graphic novel or for AR, for toy making, etc. It’s not for Pixar or Disney, it’s your own character design. So have some time to care for it over time.

* I got inspiration to do 3D sculpt this way by studying tweets of artist Kyle Boodette with his sculpey on armature:

Hope you find this useful and informative, maybe you have question or something to add, feel free to do so!

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