BSLIVE Experimental 3D Modeling Using Grease Pencil and Ball Pen Addon
In this episode, I am doing a quick improvisation 3D modeling a creature in Blender, using Grease Pencil to start with and then making the volume with KUSHIRO Ball Pen addon.

Overall, I think could simplify some of the steps to get to the form and blocking, I do quite like how I could work in 3D, all camera directions to make the form. I go back and forth remesh and sculpting and Ball Pen add on, it’s my absolute favorite tool at the moment! Great for beginner 3D sculptor.

After the video recording completed, I added some random vertex painting and coloring, baking it into UV texture, and also add a single eyeball which was 3D model by Ryuma Suzuki-san:

Things with 3D or any artwork, you can work on it for hours or days. I think I only have 30 mins patience on this. Might rework this in the future, but I leave it like this for now.


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