BSLIVE “Donut Monster 2020” using KUSHIRO Ball Pen
#BallPen #3DModeling

In this episode, I am sharing some kind of 3D modeling sculpting workflow involving KUSHIRO “Ball Pen” addon once again where we can quickly create a Donut Monster creature using this “volumetric” painting.

While doing this I am imagine myself making a physical dough and adding icing and how in physical world, we could easily paint the base and layers the icing or sauce on top of cake or bread. It does feel like that when we are placing and drawing the ballls strokes on top of surface

I think this method with “Ball Pen” addon is LEGIT fun and hopefully something that Blender 3D sculpt can implement. Eventually we probably work with VR and 3D brush tools and painting with Voxel SDF etc will become a thing and this Kushiro Ball Pen is pretty close to that.

What do you think? Have fun Blending!

KUSHIRO Ball Pen at Blender Artist Forum:

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