Practice WITHOUT Wasting Your Time
In this video art tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can effectively practice your art in order to become much better, faster.
One of the key ideas which can help you progress is to understand what you’re optimising your studies for. Are you optimising a piece to look as good as possible (portfolio) – or are you trying to learn as much as possible about a specific topic, like perspective, color theory etc (study)?

00:00 – Welcome
00:13 – What are you optimising the art for?
02:40 – How to not get disengaged

03:45 – Balance between boring and fun
10:59 – What is timeboxing and how it can transform your learning
18:48 – How to self feedback
22:57 – How fast should I work?
25:04 – When should you redo your art?
26:37 – How to timebox your exercises



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