SCULPTOBER! Sculpting Chibi Alice ūü§Ź Shrink ūü§Ź
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Hey, I’m Follygon and welcome to Sculptober 2020. No idea what sculptober is? Watch this! Or Find out more info at

Welcome back all! It’s already day 11 of sculptober. Today’s prompt is shrink ūü§Ź and I’ll be sculpting a chibi Alice inspired by the art of ibu_chuan on instagram. In this video I’ll be talking about the middle parts of sculpting. What I often refer to as refinement. And we will be discussing what is important and some ways you can quickly improve. In a future video we will talk more about the early stages of one of these! The total time on the sculpt was 2.5 hours. Check back tomorrow for more sculptober!

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Looking for some sculpting challenges or assignments to help you improve your ZBrush sculpting abilities? Check out this tweet where I discuss the kind of work you can do to improve quickly!

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Alice in thumbnail (left) by ibu_chuan on instagram

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