LIVENODING / First Look At AN TEMPLATE addon By TonTon
#ANTemplate #AnimationNodes #nodes

In this episode, I am trying the “AN Template” addon by Samytichadou aka TonTon.

The idea here is to have a collaborative AN library, stored at Github, can be easily submitted, searched and pulled from online library. The addon willl generate a clean easy to use, clean, and organized node tree template. It’s really powerful when all the node artist can work together on something like this!

I believe there is already library of Assets and Shader Node Tree for Cycles / Eevee as well, and usually it’s a matter of how organize you are as an artist to store and find the right materials.

* Similar to SVerchok GIST system that’s also utilized GIST link of Github, we can easily pull snipped of JSON code and recreate the node tree in Blender.

* GITHUB “AN Template” addon by TonTon:

BA Thread:

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