Hard Surface Texturing for Games | Trailer
We’re excited to present our latest FlippedNormals Exclusive – Hard Surface Texturing for Games https://flippednormals.com/downloads/hard-surface-texturing-for-games/

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Learn all the tips and tricks professionals use when they create hard surface textures for games. In this course, we will be focusing on texturing a hovercraft by telling a story with our work. Textures should be able to tell the player the age of an object, what environment it inhabits, and what world it is from. We will also learn how to make the best bakes possible using ID maps, creating Smart Materials, using Emissive channels, etc.

The tutorial is 8.5 hours long, there are no time-lapses and every step is covered. We will be texturing in Substance Painter using production proven workflows and tricks David Saiz has learned along the way working at AAA studios.

This tutorial is great for students and artists who are just starting out and want to know everything about hard surface texturing for games. The tutorial is easy to follow for newcomers as it covers the basics before ramping up to more complicated techniques.

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