BSLIVE / Modeling A Simple 3D Doll Using Blender for AR
#AugmentedReality #USDZ #3DModeling

In this episode, I am showing you one approach on creating a super basic 3D model, kind of like your first 3D doll, using simple polygon 3D shapes in Blender.

The reference I will be using is this GIPHY Paola Hibiki:
Vintage Kids Sticker by Paola Hibiki for iOS & Android | GIPHY

It’s always a good idea to start with Character Design even it is like a 2D Scribbles.

I am using only super basic geometry like Box that has been subdivided or extruded once. Then simply moving them around in Edit Mode and Object Mode. I also use Skin Modifier and basic Polygon Edge to make line shapes. Basic shapes can be used to make a quick blocking.

Modifiers can be helpful:
– Mirror Modifier
– Subdivision Modifier

Usually 3D modeling can get too complex and complicated with so much details very quickly. However, for general artists and users, you just want to make something really basic and simple in 3D to visualize their idea. Probably no more complex than doll or Pokemon. Then you add more details through 3D texture painting and works in the shader.

Don’t forget that you can also use the 3D Sculpt tool in Blender to grab and move and further reshape the basic 3D form further.

Keita Takahashi is one of my inspirational game designers, often came up with simple characters but fun, quirky and witty. In fact, most of popular characters are usually simple memorable character with personalities: Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Totoro, Tintin, Asterix – Obelix, Super Mario, Pikachu, Zelda – Link, Sonic The Hedgehog, etc.

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