Ten Reasons Your 3D Art Isn’t Improving
Every artist can feel their art stagnate and not getting better is incredibly frustrating. In this episode we talk about our top ten reasons why your art isn’t getting better and exactly what you can do about it!

00:00 Intro
01:51 – 01 Quality vs Quantity
05:15 – 02 Youre only watching tutorials
07:48 – 03 Focusing too much on software
09:50 – 04 You’re making your own original concepts
12:30 – 05 You’re not asking for feedback
14:11 – 06 Not finishing your projects
15:56 – 07 Not using reference
19:09 – 08 Too emotionally connected with your art
21:11 – 09 Use the right tool for the job
23:08 – 10 Spreading yourself way too thin

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