BSLIVE Artful, Blendful, and Meditational Things In Blender 3D
#artful #blendful #meditational

In this BS Live episode, I am sharing 3 wonderful tools and things to do in Blender that I found quite meditative and satisfying:
1) Grease Pencil Tracing Over 3D Mesh plus Animation
2) Random Sculpting with Dyntopo and Cloth
3) 3D Vertex and Painting

You don’t need to be a full on 3D artist professionals to enjoy some of these basic 3D tools. Do not worry too much about technical details or making mistakes, simply use the tools you are already confident with.

So relax, dim the light, play relaxing meditative musics, and try some of Blender 3D tools above. Enjoy!

NOTE: Do this as daily routine and it will increase your mental being.

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