BSLIVE / Importing iPhone Camera Tracking AR Data to Use In Blender 3D
#CamTrackAR #AR #ARKit

In this episode, I am showing you a simple workflow on how you could bring iPhone or iPad Camera AR Tracking Data and using it inside Blender to further compose and render your 3D objects with a better lights and materials.

I am using an app called CamTrackAR. You basically record a footage on your iPhone and while the camera is recording, the app is using the AR Tracking camera motion, rotations, etc.

Once you are done, simply AirDrop the data back into your machine and import the data into Blender. Camera lens, angle etc will be setup automatically using the provided addon. Easy!

There are other things you can do to make a more realistic render and composite like recording 360 panorama for Environment Lights and reflection, adding shadows etc. But other Blenderians tutorials out there will help you with that.

CamTrackAR App:

Thanks Domenico Panacea for letting me know about this app~

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