The Blender Encyclopedia – Update #1
You can find out more about the course here – … And below is the full changelog:

The Blender Encyclopedia – Changelog – July 1, 2020

### Added
– New Section “UV Mapping” was added, containing 24 lectures and 1 quiz.
– New Lecture “Project – Your First 3D Scene – Making a Toy Train” was added to the section “Working with Blender”.
– New Lecture “Navigating the Course” was added to the section “Welcome to the Blender Encyclopedia”. This is important, watch this!
– Lectures can now be downloaded. There’s a file called “Download Lecture (1080p).zip” in the Resource menu of each lecture.
– More resource files were added in. Basically any video that doesnt just use a cube as a demo now has resource files.

### Changed
– The Lecture “Setting Up Background Images” in the section “Working with Blender” was updated. Reason: You do NOT have to disable render visibility for Background Image objects. They are invisible in the final render by default.

Lots more coming soon, stay tuned!

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