Screen Recording 2020 06 30 at 10 36 27 am
#AR #videotexture #nodes

In this video, I talk about animating a looping procedural texture for video texture animation for Augmented Reality using Blender Eevee and Cycles Nodes.

Using Procedural Texture Nodes like Musgrave, Voronoi, and Noise as 4D node can help in making animated texture that looks interesting and ever changing and applying it into 3D Mesh, as it is in 3D and you don’t see “seams”.

Interestingly enough is also a way we can “tile” and make procedural texture that is seamless in 2D.

I am still exploring this and might talk a bit more later.

The purpose of video texture I made and bake in Blender is to apply it into AR experience. Seeing animated video texture is unusual still, and you often see it as 3D Texture Projection Mapping on buildings. We can actually do it yourself using AR.

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