Trim Sheets for Game Artists | Trailer
In this Trim Sheets for Game Artists Trailer, we’re presenting our latest tutorials on learning Trim Sheets.
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Trim Sheets for Game Artists

Learn the “What, Why and How” of trim sheets to get you started quickly developing high quality environment assets as a studio Environment Artist! During this 4.5 hour course, you will go from being introduced to the concept of trim sheets to capturing a high quality render of your completed environment assets, and the entire pipeline in between! Using Substance Designer and Blender, learn how to effectively use Trim Sheets for Games.

You can follow along in any 3D software! While Blender is used in this Trim Sheets tutorial series, the concepts are completely software agnostic. You can follow using Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Houdini and more!

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